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Organic Produce

Hyper-Localization of Food Production

Sensory Gardens

Botanics Promoting Well-Being


A NASA Derived Technology

With space exploration in mind, NASA started experimenting with

the cultivation of plants in the 1960s, and the development began in earnest

in the 1990s. In such systems, the crops can be planted and harvested all year

round without interruption, and without contamination from the use of pesticides.

Based on the same principles, VerticalRoot offers an innovative system

designed for sustainable households of the 21st Century.

Up to 50 plants are propagated utilizing 95% less water, yielding

over 10 times the amount in half the time as traditional agricultural methods. 

Vertical Gardens are sleek plug-and-grow wall installations for lush vegetation,

fragrant botanicals, and fresh greens and produce to be cultivated indoors year-round.








Sustainable Development Goals

VerticalRoot supports ´The Green Shift´

fully, representing a genuine commitment to

global sustainable development goals, including

fairtrade initiatives and a carbon footprint

reduction throughout the value chain.


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